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Google wants to help you find a common language with the inner Picasso. To do this, the search giant created AutoDraw, an online drawing tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to turn incomprehensible astrakhan into beautiful drawings. The service works on the same principle as the Android Wear function, which allows you to draw emoji from hand, although its capabilities are much wider.

Google AutoDraw is a graphical editor based on AI and machine learning, guessing what the user draws

Google AutoDraw is free and easy-to-use software that you can use on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Just draw any object or object, and the system will try to recognize it, and then offer a choice of many options, drawn by talented artists. At the same time, it is possible to disable the automatic replacement system and leave your own artwork.

The demonstration video clearly shows how a user draws a simple figure on a free area, and the system tries to guess what he is drawing. Already after applying the first strokes on the toolbar, suggestions appear about the user-displayed object, allowing one-touch to turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

The AutoDraw service is based on the same technology used in the Google QuickDraw mini-game experiment, where the user is given 20 seconds to draw a specific object, and the AI must guess at the same time what he is drawing. Apparently, both projects serve the same goal - learning neural networks for image recognition.

The developers claim that AutoDraw is already able to guess hundreds of drawings and promise to add many new templates in the future. In addition, high speed of object recognition is emphasized.

Suggestions for adding an object and sketches can be submitted on the official project page.

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